A real estate broker acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of golf course properties.  As such, the broker is held by law to meet specific duties to his/her principal (the person they are representing) in addition to duties or obligations set forth in a listing agreement, buyer representation covenant, or other contract of employment.  At Joseph A. Dengel & Company, we understand that we are not only an agent for a golf course seller or buyer, but we have the additional responsibilities of a fiduciary.  These specific fiduciary duties include, but are not limited to, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable care and diligence. 

Traditional real estate brokers provide a conventional, commission-based brokerage relationship (a signed listing agreement) with the seller or a “buyer registration” agreement with a buyer, thereby creating an agency relationship.  However, some of the best-performing and economically viable golf courses are not listed for sale. Joseph A. Dengel & Company represents select buying entities seeking golf course assets that are often not “listed” or “offered” on the market.  Our long-standing relationships with hundreds of golf course owners and our vast market experience enable us to identify facilities/portfolios that otherwise would not be considered for sale.  We match assets that fit within a buyer’s specific investment criteria and manage all stages of the acquisition from the property inspection, negotiation, market studies, and due diligence all the way to final closing of the sales contract.  Most important, our golf course sellers can be assured that we have already pre-screened our buyers to ensure that they are financially qualified to buy their properties.

Joseph A. Dengel and William H. Hale are the most active golf course brokers in Texas and have over 35 years of cumulative experience in this unique field.  The two principals have closed over 40 golf course transactions valued at over $250MM in Texas and the surrounding states. 

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