The nationís golf industry is facing many challenges in todayís market.  The golf market is still recovering from a significant overbuild situation that occurred in the late-1990s and early-2000s when the inventory of U.S. courses increased by over 25%.  This oversupply condition resulted in a reduction in rounds and rates at most public-access courses, and a decline in memberships and fees at the majority of the private clubs in the U.S.   Coupled with the effects of the recent recession, golf course owners have seen their operating margins shrink dramatically and they been forced to make some difficult decisions.

The professionals of Joseph A. Dengel & Company have now assisted over 75 golf course owners in Texas by realizing significant reductions in their real estate and personal property assessments.  By appealing the appraisal tax notices on a timely basis, and providing credible evidence of current golf course valuations and golf facility sale comparables, the professionals of Joseph A Dengel & Company have been able to dramatically reduce our clients' property tax liabilities.  These annual property tax savings have ranged from several thousand dollars to well over $100,000 in several cases. 

Our asset management company was established in 2007 to dispose of golf assets acquired/transferred to financial institutions or prior ownership.  Our goal is to achieve rapid asset disposition without suffering a significant loss in property value.  We achieve these objectives by installing professional interim management (when necessary), utilizing a skilled resource base, providing good information and management systems, and insuring transparency in operations and processes. 

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